The list is oriented for Femdom and male humiliation, however it can be adapted for women slaves. To be truly owned, a sub must be constantly reminded throughout the day Master’s control, this is a key tool in any Dom/Sub relationship. A slave will feel loved & owned only when the Mistress exert their dominance and do not ignore any transgressions. Be consistent & enforce the rules!


  1. Make him wear a chastity device – Deny orgasms for X number of days, weeks, or months. He will be at your mercy and ready to please any demands.
  2. If he doesn’t like collars, make him wear one around the house. If he loves the collar, take it away.
  3. Have him wear slave bells. The jingling of the bells is a certain reminder of his submission.
  4. Deny him attention or the right to come over and see you. Psychological torture.
  5. Make him serve you dinner and wait on you in the nude while you eat.
  6. Make him do the daily chores around the house with a vibrating butt plug in his ass.
  7. Make him act as an object or a piece of furniture. A coffee table or a coat hanger will do just fine.
  8. Increase the experience by having guests over and making him act as an objects.
  9. Choose a food he dislikes and have him eat a small portion every day of the week.
  10. Have him get your daily wardrobe ready for you the night before, laid out, ironed.
  11. Have him bring a warm towel and massage your feet at the end of each day.
  12. Each night, he is to kneel next to bed asking permission to sleep with his mistress.
  13. Negotiate until you are both comfortable with the terms and sign a sub/Dom contract.
  14. When appropriated, he is to speak only when spoken to.
  15. Instruct him that he is never to touch you without your permission.
  16. In a cuckold relationship, make your sub give oral pleasure to your bull or to another slave present in the room.
  17. Make him do naked exercise – push ups, crunches, etc.
  18. Talk about how and why he disappoints you.
  19. Make him dress in female clothes all day.
  20. Make him eat from a pet dish, or on a plate if they usually eat from an animal bowl.
  21. Mark things on their body such as “Property of…”, “Dirty pig” or “Cum eater”
  22. Schedule him a Brazilian wax. Why not keep it clean.
  23. Make him hold pennies against a wall, one for each finger, in whatever position you choose.
  24. Make him kneel on uncooked rice for 3 minutes and then clean it up.
  25. Make him wear tits clamps with a stuffed bra, with his hands bound behind he must lean into a corner.
  26. Speak about him as he was not present.
  27. Videotape your sessions and watch them together.
  28. Make him fall asleep with his nose stuck in your asshole, tell him you expect him to be there when you wake up.
  29. Buy him a polaroid camera and tell him to take pictures of himself in certain outfits or positions.
  30. Master’s word is the last word.

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July 23, 2018

I make my slave hubby wear sexy lingerie, vibrating plug,small 1.5" chastity cage,handcuff behind back, a trench coat with only one middle button tied and go for a hour walk.

Daniel Michael Sullivan
Daniel Michael Sullivan

June 06, 2018

I kneel with my wrists chained to its ankles and a vibrating butt plug in my ass and a spreader in my mouth as a cumdump and piss slave anytime MASTER SIR wishes especially for parties


June 06, 2018

At Christmas time, my Mistress is Having my picture taken in Santa’s lap at the Mall. While i am wearing my collar.

Property of Lena
Property of Lena

June 06, 2018

When my slave is drinking a beer or apple juice, i order him to empty it, take it to the men’s room and fill it up. He must return and then consume the “new” beverage with his meal.

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