In addition to being used and abused - some men like to be humiliated. This fetish for humiliation is actually a pretty common one and can take lots of different forms. It includes verbal abuse, small penis humiliation, sissification, pet play, human furniture, physical abuse or financial domination for instance. Oxy brings you 5 products ideas to live the fantasy at his best. 

Ass on a Leash Plug

Stuff his ass full of cold steel and take control with this unique butt plug leash set. 

Make your sub crawl in front of you on their hands and knees. They will be compelled to obey each tug of the leash, or lose the delicious pleasure of this smooth, temperature sensitive plug.

Sissy locked high heels

One extremely effective way to really humiliate a man is to dress him as a woman. Sissification involves feminizing a man for the purposes of humiliation, usually in a very exaggerated way such as a pink dress or a french maid uniform. 

Those locking belts restraints will lock high heels with separated padlocks. No way to remove the pumps without the keys! Dare to send him to office with those on? 

Cuckolding with a cage

Cuckolding is a fetish whereby the male partner (who feels that he is lacking sexually in terms of penis size or “manliness”) enjoys watching his partner being fucked by a bigger, “manlier” man. Usually the cuck will be wearing a cock cage, to make him stop thinking of his penis as a source of pleasure for himself. The Domme decides when and how he is allowed orgasms.

Pegging with a strap on

Pegging is anal sex reveresed. instead of the man sticking his penis up the womans butt, the woman wears a strap-on and sticks it up the mans butt.

Pegging creates a state of submission & sometimes humiliation, where the man is relinquishing all control to the woman; not natural for most men.

Strat pegging your sub, he will love it! 

Human Toilet

if you want to really humiliate your sub, use them as a human toilet. In extreme cases of domination and humiliation a Dom(me) may pee on their submissive  to show them just how worthless and disgusting they are.

The Urinal Piss Gag is an innovative new toy that will bring joy and new adventures to even the most seasoned water sports and golden shower enthusiasts.