6 Reasons to try Ball Stretching

Firstly, what is ball stretching?

The term "ball stretcher" makes somehow people unfamiliar with it cringe. Actually, these toys are not something used for pain or punishment, but pleasure. They surround the loose skin of the man's scrotum and move the testicles lower and away from the body. stretching the skin downward, the testicles are put in unfamiliar territory, and as such sensations of them rubbing against the inner thighs is both novel and stimulating. Additionally, since the skin of the scrotum is stretched taught, the many nerve receptors in the skin are pushed to the surface and makes them more sensitive and thus "more fun".Baffled by Testicles stretching? Not really got a grip on the concept? It takes real balls to give it a go!

Why testicle stretching? 

In case you are intrigued by ball stretching but unsure about the appeal and benefits, here are some major reasons why so many men choose to stretch their balls. While this practice is not for everyone, it’s important to know it’s more popular than it may seem. It is simply not a mainstream practice so this is why many people still don’t know enough about it. Here are some popular reason to give a hang:


Swing low, Fly high.

Feel like you are on a climatic brink all day. Merely wearing a stretcher imitates that tremendous tightening sensation felt just prior to climax, and your playmate will love the feeling of a ball weight/stretched out sack banging against them during sex.Basically, ball stretching brings pleasure and arousal on new levels. Testicle Stretching itself can be very arousing, so this is why men take a great care to choose the best stretching device. While wearing a stretcher will not make you cum on itself, it will bring many pleasurable moments. Not to mention any masturbation and sexual intercourse become much more intense.

“I wear one during the day and two during sex...my wife loves both the look, but more importantly, the sensation she gets from my swinging balls.” Kevin 


Impressive Gems - Classy Balls

Do you want all eyes on your full package? or the mere sight of a low hanging pair has you hard? ball stretching is the perfect choice.Ball stretching brings pleasure in two ways, one, when you wear tem, second when you remove them. The goal of ball stretching is to produce low hanging balls, for a great look and also for your partner – more for them to feel during sex. The pleasure of having those low hangers against the skin is incredible.

“Oxy ball stretcher feels great, I wear mine all day and it gives u a great tugging feeling. I am currently wearing 2. My partner loves feeling them bulging during our fun play. ”Ross


Intensified Orgasm 

Far way up for your cum

The lower your balls will be, the further the ejaculate must travel. While orgasm, your scrotum must contract first. When you have stretched balls, the mechanism is prolonged because there is just more space for semen to travel. Not only that, but a longer scrotum can’t contract easily, which puts a tingling pressure on your whole genitalia. The pressure and tug last for much longer than usual, which leads to very long-lasting and prolonged orgasms.

“That feeling of your scrotum tightening as you approach orgasm? That’s what this is like, but right from the start.” Tim


Stay hard, stay wild 

The overall process of stretching will give you a new found stamina. This is one of the best ways to improve your stamina, without using any products, pills or other devices. While it’s not originally designed for making you stay hard for longer, this is definitely one of the most pronounced effects of ball stretching.One of the reasons for improved stamina is that ball stretching devices put a pressure on your scrotum, which trains your genitalia to respond to pressure and tightness in new ways. This will help you stay hard for longer and prolong orgasm, leading to more intense and long-lasting lovemaking. It is definitely something both you and your partner will appreciate!


Heightened senses for pleasure or erotic pain 

Wearing a stretcher enhances every tantalising touch, lick and tickle for the ultimate in sensual satisfaction. The softest stroke will have you on the climactic verge. Some may wish to use this to their advantage and partake in some brutal BDSM play. Just remember to play sensibly!

“When they are being played with… Wow. Everything is enhanced. Every touch feels more intense due to the skin being pulled and kept tight” A fan


get your dose of fetish

ball stretching devices are great for fetish and kink activities. They are often used in the BDSM community to play various kinky games, from gentle bondage teasing to male chastity and full on ball and cock torture activities. Ball stretching is a great way to make your BDSM games more exciting, so if this is what you’re into, low hangers and stretching devices are truly a great way to go.

It’s been kept on the down low for too long; ball stretching is not just for the extreme! Some will use ball stretchers occasionally as a way of improving stamina and performance; others will wear only during sex for the sensations derived from it. Those that wish to see permanent results will build weight up gradually to achieve their desired results

So, what are you waiting for?








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