7 Benefits to Lock you up.

With a Cock cage, or Kali’s teeth, the gain from Chastity or any form of long term or forced denial are numerous. 10 of them to enforce this fetish or convince novices.

  • It stops you from wasting your energy and libido masturbating. In a partnership, all the sexual strength and vitality should be directed at your partner. You are lowering your testosterone which should be built up for an ultimate dual pleasure
  • Your sex life will improve. You will have to please first your Dom in order to get release from your cage, thus focusing on your partner orgasms. The Keyholder can release your beast only once she/he is satisfied by your foreplay.  
  • Your relationship will become stronger. Male chastity encourages open and honest communication about each others needs. This is an incredible benefit for any couple, and forced denial can help any couple improve their natural bonding not to mention will make the “caged” more attentive, passionate and caring.                                                                 
  • Orgasms will improve and last longer. Deprived from regular masturbation, your penis will become more sensitive and his orgasms will become stronger.                         
  • Nobody will cheat. In a committed relationship, male chastity makes it impossible to act on these urges, this enforced you to remain faithful. This is perfect if you’re in a long distance relationship, it ensures you stay locked up thinking about your partnerfor days at a time eager to please.                                            
  • The romance will improve in your relationship. As long as you know you can have cum any time you want, there’s no reason to romance. By limiting sexual access, you’ll train to be the romantic lover you once used to be.                                                                        
  • Every little tease becomes intense arousal. Caged up, you will be happy with any sort of release / stimulation, you could get. A simple lick by your Dom is a gift you must be thankful for. Teasing is just as important as denial. they go hand in hand.            

In summary, the keyholder and the caged will get a lot more pleasure in any way theywant. You will be stuck in a state of arousal that keeps you addicted to your partnermore than you could have ever be.

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