A Female Guide To Chastity

Remember it takes your man a lot of courage to let you into his secret chastity desires. It's not so simple to talk about something which may well result in mixed feelings, shock, embarrassment, perhaps even rejection. Do you think this just popped into his mind? I think not. This one has been brewing for a while, and he’s finally shared it with you. The best way to look at it: an opportunity for the two of you to express your dormant fantasies to one another and deepen your unique bond.


So what am I? A Mistress / Goddess / Keymaster / Dominator

You should immediately consider this as an chance to deepen your intimacy. Discovering that he is into chastity opens up and whole world of questions. What does that make me? If you don't want to be associated as his mistress / dominatrix or key holder then that's fine. How about key master though? Sounds kinda cool no? Only kidding. It’s completely up to you. To tell the truth the terms don't matter at all. What is important is the pleasurable connections that can be made between you as a couple.


What if I’m Anxious?

There are literally thousands of articles out there about chastity. You can even check out the Oxy-blog for a variety of articles explaining the benefits of various devices. It’s a step up from 50 shades, but it doesn’t need to be daunting. If your anxious about trying then that’s a good thing, and it should only be seen as greater possible excitement from stepping into the unknown. You can search for couple guides, chastity for first timers etc. As you read more into it youll likely get a better feel for what your chastity curious man wants from the experience.


What the big deal? Why are guys into Chastity?

There are many misunderstandings around chastity, some being that guys who are into it are weak and pathetic but in fact it’s the exact opposite. Often successful men that play dominant roles in the workforce get into chastity as its polar opposite of their demanding job position and thus a real relief. The image of the dominant man should not be universal and certainly not expected from society. Both men and women can be either dominant, submissive or both depending on their sexual personality. Here’s a list of reasons why your guy might be into chastity.


Why your guy may like Chastity

  1. It’s a fantasy linked to surrendering himself to you in erotic submission.
  2. It’s a taboo that shouldn't be arousing but for that very reason is.
  3. It’s exciting for someone else to be in a position of power over him.
  4. Getting locked up gives him the feeling that you own him and he likes that.
  5. Resisting orgasm is arousing to him.


Chastity is not all about him

Ladies its very important to remember that this is a two player game. It’s not all about him. You can also find great pleasure in being in control and having some power over him. Exploring chastity is an exciting game that you can play to spice up your love life. It’s a reason to talk about your odd little desires and best of all it can be your little secret. Nobody else has to know about it, and let's be honest, that makes it a whole lot more sexy. 

You can even check out our previous Blog Article: 7 Chastity Game Ideas for some creative games you and your guy can play.


How does Chastity lead to more pleasure?


Chastity is all about finding pleasure in resisting orgasm. The constant nearing of erection or orgasm but never reaching either puts the focus on the temptation rather than the orgasm itself. In this way the pleasure becomes more about the experience the two of you are having instead of the selfish desire to finish. Don’t get me wrong, climax and orgasms are pleasurable, but if orgasm becomes the sole focus of pleasure then in my opinion it takes a lot of pleasure out of sexual play. That’s exactly why chastity is so worth trying, it totally takes the goal or orgasm away from both of your minds and turns it towards the pleasurable playful experience of two individuals teasing one another in a sexual tense game.


 Chastity is for anyone

We are strong believers that chastity can be for everyone. We've heard countless stories from people who have tried chastity for the first time as a couple and it has changed their relationship for the better. So why not try chastity for yourself and see what all the fuss is about? Surprise your guy with a Chastity Device Cock Cage.


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