Do you cope well under pressure? Get a grip on some nipple clamps!
If you like an intense pinching sensation on your nipples, nipple clamps will heighten your sensibility when they are on and create a hurts so good sensation when removed. Used not only on Females, but also on men, to create a sensation of power and dominance.
Yes, Nipplegasm is possible, and we will help you to achieve it.

Reasons you should try:

  • Enhance every touch & release endorphins 

Your body will react in the same way as it does with pain. It will release endorphin, which interact with the opiate receptors to have an effect similar to codeine or morphine. This results in an intense natural high that inspires a new pleasure vs. pain association within the body.
When clamps are removed, the nipple becomes all the more sensitive to every touch. The gentlest stroke, kiss and suck will have bottoms on the climactic brink all over again. Why not take advantage of this with some supreme sensation play? Use a wartenberg wheel or a whip after removing them.

  • Add a touch of nipple naughtiness

Apply some extra pressure to the nipple at the point of orgasm comes with an even more explosive experience. Plus, when clamps are removed, all the blood rushes back to the surface which an incredible intense stimulation. Mixture of pain and orgasmic pleasure!
Get yourself a hand, some tools are made to help you out in this. The Nipple squeezers will apply a constant pressure until you decide to remove them.

  • Add a little beauty to your brawn 

It is not only about the feel; nipples clamps look incredible too. Adorn those nipples some crowning jewels and enhance the aesthetics of your play/sessions.  For instance those Goth looking squeezer with chain are like a piece of jeweler you could hold on.

How to choose your clamps: 

  • Consider Adjustability
Every pair of nipple clamps will vary in pressure intensity. Some clamps are adjustable, from gentle to more intense pressure. Other clamps may only provide a single pressure setting.
How much intensity do you want?
Japanese clover clamps for instance have only one level of intensity. An intense level which no capacity of pressure adjustment. Not for beginners!
Nipple squeezer, Gothic clamps or press monarch can be adjusted, decide of the intensity you want to inflict.
  • A connecting chain or pressure support
Us the chain as a sensual leash and pull those nipples out. Perfect for dominance play and great visual attribute. Our Japanese clover clamps come with an attached chain.
Alternatively, if you want to free your hands, Nipples stretcher and the tower of paincan do the job. The pressure support will pull the nipples outs depending on the pressure you decide to apply.
  • Pick a design
Fit your fantasy, there is a look for all! Industrial looking twisters or elaborated goth style design, nipple clamps come in various shapes and designs.  
  • Think about versatility 

Nipple clamps can work on various parts of the body, get creative! You can experiment it on a clitoris or on men balls, to add a sensitive twist.
Intrigued yet? If you haven't shown your nipples some love recently, maybe it's time to test out some pleasurable pain.