Fear play is not something to dive straight into. It requires a little experimentation, an easing period.

Here at Oxy we love to experiment and educate. We want you to explore new ideas with us. In a responsible way (of course)!

Fear is common in every human being. It’s instinctual and ingrained in our animal brains. If you think you’ve never used fear play, you might just be surprised to know that you actually have.

There is a wide range of fear play involving psychological as well as physical pain. And just like any sex oriented play, clear boundaries can be set to prevent you from being pushed over the edge. Unless that’s what you desire?

Let me give you a few examples to help you put your mind into the right POV.


You may think of spanking as a repetitive action. But why not make it less predictable?

It’s more effective when the spankee doesn’t quite expect the incoming spank. Don’t you agree? This element of tension, surprise, and pain delivery can create quite surprising levels of arousal.

Try the “Eco Spank” Bamboo Spanking Paddle to add an element of sound shock therapy. This must have tool makes a loud flat spanking sound that will be sure to make anyone on the receiving end jump. 


Explore some new limits, erotic pain is arousing for many people. The right kind of pain, at the right place, releases opiates, natural painkillers that create a feeling of euphoria.

Cool stuff, my friends. BDSM play sometimes hurts, but in conjunction with something that feels as amazing as sex, that pain turns into pleasure.

You can start off with Nipple Clamps or even a Wartenberg wheel to enhance erotic pain, or use pain as control over your sub with the Ball Press Chamberfor instance.

There are various reasons why one may want to start this practice, the recipient may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant.

This may involve directly pleasure painful activities, such as, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, electro stimulation, or even kicking.


Do you enjoy the panic of your sub?

Depriving your sub from having certain senses can heighten others. A simple hack that can immediately have your slaves mind racing.

From a simple blindfold to hoods and restraints like the Locked in the Blue Hood. Changing a sense enhances others. Soon your sub will begging for you to put the mask back on. If you’ll let them.

Our deepest fantasies are not so easy to uncover. They are often based on what we think, not what we know.

By being limited in our capabilities, we do not know what to expect, we get aroused by the anticipation of what is going to happen. That anticipation is one of the dominant's most effective tools!


The biggest problem affecting the majority of relationships today is a lack of honest communication. We want to encourage you to open up about your fantasies. Sit down with your partner and agree to forget about judgements. Just open up and tell them.

Disclose that deep, erotic fantasy you’ve always kept beneath the surface but are fighting to keep back. It can be something simple that you’d never dare to ask for like licking your partners feet. Or perhaps something more elaborate, like being kidnapped.

I know a special customer with this exact fantasy and I love the fact he was willing to share that with us. You know who you are ;)!


Fear Play could be the secret to unlocking your unknown fantasies.

As you become more experienced with sex play and fear play you will realise that expanding your toy box is vital for an enhanced arousal experience for your sub.

You must keep changing between your favourite and most dreaded toys to keep tension, fear and arousal flowing.

The element of surprise will always lead to greater levels of arousal. And be sure to use a wide range of toys to tease your sub and get them to squeal like a girl.

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