What is Forniphilia?

Have you ever felt the desire to bend in front of your partner to let them put their feet up on you? Maybe you’d like to be a human bar stool or a coffee table? Forniphilia is a form of sexual objectification and is viewed by many as a form of sexual bondage as the human body is typically incorporated into the shape of a piece of furniture where the person has to stay still for extended periods of time. 

Forniphilia is the art of making or becoming human furniture. It can involve extreme bondagebut also can be performed very simply without any ties or restraints. Just kneeling down at your master’s or Mistress Feet to let them rest their drink is a forniphilia. Alternatively, the sub can be restrained and forced to hold a candle into their mouth as a source of light.


After speaking to several subs of the community, we conclude that the feeling of being both helpless and helpful for the mistress was a common reason. Subs need to know their place, and what a better place than standing in a living room for hours and serve in their own ways.Some people enjoy being objectified, they are looking for degradation and humiliation of appearing not even be human. Which in turn, make them horny.

“Being ignored is the ultimate form of being used and owned.”

For a dominant side, the pleasure comes knowing that someone is ready be kept in unnatural & stressful positions for a long period of time, just in order to satisfy their dominant. Plus, it is extremely convenient to have furniture on request, which free space when not in use.


No, it can simply be about control and submission. It can also involve other fetishes like watersport if your item of furniture is a toilet or wax play if your sub is turned into a candlestick. Forniphilia can form part of any scene. 

“I like to pretend like a table, so I'm ready to do it doggie style or get spanked.” 

 Forniphilia can be easily added into a fun scene for anyone wanting to play with objectification. It’s a fetish that can be indulged in without any outlay at all but has the scope to expand into something much more extreme. 


  • Be sure to know your submissive’s limits. Knowing if your sub has a dodgy knee or achy wrist means you can bind them/place them in ways that won’t aggravate their injuries/health concerns.

  • Have an agreed Safe-word. Make sure your sub can indicate if they want out. Especially important if they are gagged or have their mouth impeded. An action such as tapping their food repeatedly or dropping something held in hand can work as a safeword alternative.

  • Never leave your human furniture unattended. Keep checking on the wellbeing of your item of furniture. This is especially important if they are gagged or bound into place. Release them immediately if distress is noted. Have safety shears nearby.

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