Guide to Medical Play – Intimate check up

Medical fetishism involves a dominant partner who performs an intimate examination on the submissive patient. The patient is often attached, gagged, stripped naked and left at the doctor mercy. 
The beauty of a medical scene is the D/s structure inherent to it. Same as in real life, when the doctor tells the patient to do something, the patient obeys – Within legal and ethical restraints of course. In all cases, the doctor is the dom and the patient the sub.

Motivations of medical fetish are often found to be as follow:

  • People who like their partners dressing up in a medical costume, indirectly showcasing authority – They derive sexual pleasure from that.
  • People who get arousal from being the recipient of a medical procedure – in the form of a body examination.
  • Also, people who are attracted to individuals within the medical profession.

The examination usually involves the examination of genitals and breasts, several accessories and the insertion of objects in orifices. It can include Temperature play, with cold or hot sensation, to reproduce the sensations experienced during a medical exam.


Wearing a costume is an important part of any role play, it helps you break free from accepted standards of behaviour and really fit each partner’s roles. Do not need any elaborated clothes, just some standard scrubs would do! Since medical play is a role play, don’t skip the small details to give an air of authenticity. A medical smock with a nametag or a stethoscope around the neck and the doctor is ready to act!


A great aspect of medical scene is that elaborate equipment is not necessary to create the medical space you need. Your dinning room table with a white sheet on it, makes the a perfect examination table. Put some medical tools around, such as cotton, latex gloves, Vaseline, alcohol, and you have a ready set.Other than negotiated limits, you can take this play anywhere your imagination leads you. Just a simple rectal exam to a prison doctor scene, there is a variety of BDSM and sex toys available to use.


Medical fetish play is primarily concerned with the exploration of the body and the finding of what causes stimulation. It can at times be highly erotic, or it can involve the infliction of pain or humiliation.

Start with your hands only. Positioned, repositioned, examine, probe and tease your patient. Us medical gloves and lube to make it more authentic.

Include some toys such as the Wattenberg wheel to enhance the examination and test nerve reaction on specific parts. Pass it over the nipples or the penis to understand the feel of this marvel.

Use a speculum on female sub to recreate a gynecologic office and explore deep cavities within.

In some cases, medical play may involve the acting out of an anesthesia fetish, piercing, skin stapling, or the insertion of urethral sounds. Fans of urethral stuffing talk about the intensity of the sensation; the feeling of being penetrated more profoundly than they had ever experienced, and the mind-blowing orgasms.

A wide range of sounding is available at oxy, for your own pleasure.


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TWO Electronic Timer locks

Medical play offers a very wide palette of D/s based scenes, some with a very shallow learning curve.Go on and have fun!

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David matthews

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