Want a sex toy giving you the right feel? Your buddy-device must be reliable on every occasions! Everything you need to know in this informative guide about materials, use, hygiene and more. Whether you want to experience long term solid chastity, life-like loving dildos or Erotic pain with a twist, this guide promises to assist you in choosing the perfect companion to your naughty pleasures.

A material breakdown for Toys up us.


One of the best and most common material used in sex toys, Silicone is perfect for life-like play, a skin touch feels and outstanding durability. Silicone quickly rises to and maintains body warm atmosphere, making every interaction feel more realistic and helping you achieve maximum tactile experience from your naughty toy. It is a soft feeling rubber resistant to high temperature and which can withstand a good deal of stress. Flexible when necessary, Silicone toys will surely find their ways in!

Cleaning method:Sterilized in boiling water for up to 5 minutes or simply washed gently with warm water and soap. You may also use an antibacterial toy cleaner for a quick clean or a rinsed through into the dishwasher .

Stainless Steel

Steel is a versatile material for sex toys and is suitable for experienced sexual explorers looking for a new sensation as well as newbies dipping their toes in the pond. Steel devices are strong, lasting and have an “hard-core” appeal that most people love.

All Oxy’s steel devices are made of Stainless Steel 316L, Body Safe and Medical Grade – Same used in operation blocks. Completely non-porous and rust free, there is an unlimited lifespan for a perfectly reliable device. Great for Thermal play, chill or hot your toy for extreme sensation.

Overall, it can offer you personalised pleasure with a variety of products that can fit all shapes and sizes.

Cleaning method: Wash with hot soapy water or boil it down. Send it for a spin with a dishwasher or wiped it down with alcohol to disinfest thoroughly.


A Firm favourite amongst sex toys, this shiny elastic material can be tight and stretchy at the same time. Water resistant & long lasting it is commonly found in a variety of sex toys.

Cleaning method: Wash with warm soapy water or spray with antibacterial toy cleaner to keep that PVC looking perfect.

Plastic – ABS

You like it HARD? Plastic is the choice for you. Rigid and firm, toys made of plastic are offering intensified stimulation. Body safe and easy to clean, it is a good choice for a cheap-quality arousing ally.


Cleaning method: Keep it spic and span by using hot soapy water or antibacterial toy cleaner.


Skin safe, this flexible rubber mimic silicone and cyberskin toys in many ways. With an incredible high tear-strength, TPE toys can be made very soft without the risk of the product breaking down.


Cleaning method: Treat your toy with care by washing with hot soapy water or antibacterial toy cleaner.

Rubber / Latex

Latex rubber has the softness of jelly without the associated warm plastic like smell or sticky texture. Latex rubber toys are considerably firmer than jelly or silicone toys but somewhat softer than toys made of plastic. Latex rubber toys are a good choice for the first time buyer.

Although latex is completely safe to use, many people are sensitive or allergic to latex, so they are unable to use any products that contain it.

The one and only choice for your latex fetishists out there!


Cleaning method: Clean thoroughly with hot soapy water or spray with antibacterial toy cleaner and wipe down.

What materials feel best on your body and what materials would you be interested in exploring?

We hope this informative guide has encouraged you to experiment as much as possible with different materials and devices.

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