February 14th is just around the corner! You know what that means, a night of Dominance or Submission, either both will need ideas to spice up the play.

Out come the fuzzy handcuffs and Whip but here at Oxy, we can do better than that. In honour of this upcoming special night, we present you five ideas for “kinking” it up as it should. We have BDSM beginners and hard core SM readers, so grab what you like!

1.Try some sensory deprivation


From simple Blindfolds to Hoods, changing or limiting senses will change the all experience. Depriving a sense enhances others. A full Hood (deprivation of sight, hearing & smell to some extend), will help you focus on your touch, pleasure or pain on your body.

Our best fantasies are based on what we think, not what we know. By being limited in our capabilities, we do not know what to expect, we get aroused by the anticipation of what is going to happen. That anticipation is one of the dominant's most effective tools!

For the Dominant, a effective way to increase control over body and mind is to take away body’s natural ways to defend itself : senses. For the sub, the adrenaline flow from being vulnerable adds another element of excitement.

2.Pain is Pleasure

Explore some new limits, erotic pain is arousing for many people. The right kind of pain, at the right place, releases opiates, natural painkillers that create a feeling of euphoria.
Cool stuff, my friends. BDSM play sometimes hurts, but in conjunction with something that feels as amazing as sex, that pain turns into pleasure. 

You can start soft with nipple clamps or a Wartenberg wheel to enhance erotic pain, or use pain as control over your sub with the Ball Press Chamberfor instance.

Now we are entering into the Cock and Ball torture category, which is not for the faint-hearted. There is  various reasons why one may want to start this practice, the recipient may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. 

This may involve directly pleasure painful activities, such as, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, electro stimulation, or even kicking.

3. Have an open conversation about a fantasy you’ve always had

The biggest problem plaguing most mainstream relationships is a lack of honest communication. Instead, people often fall into a trap of not fully disclosing fantasies and desires for risk of judgment from their partner. Open up this Valentine season, talk and live your desires!

Sit down with your partner and agree to forget about judgements. Then disclose that deep, erotic fantasy you’ve always had. It can be something simple you never dare to ask, like licking your partner feet, or more elaborated, like being taken by a real Horse in a ranch. Yes, Ron, if you are reading this, I am talking about your fantasy. No shame.

For those of you who may be already in a fully open, kinky relationship, it would be a good time to make sure you are on the same page or discover that your slave is super interested in something they may have seen at a dungeon or online (On Oxy-shop.com haha)

4. Go someplace naughty together

This could be as simple as the local sex toy store or if you’re a regular BDSM

player, you and your partner could visit one of the more taboo parties or a swingers club. In the end, you may find that it’s not for you but it’s fun to try new things with your significant other and will only strengthen the bond you share.

5. Play with food – more advanced than you thought!

If you have not yet discovered, food can be one of the most erotic or humiliating scene accessories one can use. Imagine being smacked across the face with a limp hot dog or having that massive eggplant stuck into your butt. Those ideas probably elicited very different responses form you. Lay out some PVC bedsheetson your bed and get down and dirty. You can make this an erotic experience by using foods you and your partner enjoy or if you really want to be a sadist, use foods that “hurt” like spicy peppers or things that smell horrible. This also gives you a chance to revert back to your childhood self because playing with food is fun!


All Oxy team wish you a happy upcoming Valentine’s! 

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