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A lot of wannabe sissies starting their sissy trainingjourney by hypnosis or other methods, yet they still don’t have what it takes to be a sissy that is worthy of the name. Let’s find out whether or not you have the potential to become a legit sissy maid and embark with us on the road to feminization. 

Becoming a chastity sissy to be satisfied of will require you to forget any ‘macho-man’ desires still left inside of you. From man to boy, boy to feminized male, the steps on becoming a true sissy are not that hard.A true sissy is no longer a real man, but a chastised sissy maid. 

What does it mean exactly? It means you lost any dominance power and are ready to serve and obey your master. Your only role is to perform the duties of a sissy maid and do what you are told to.

Start by wearing a chastity cage and hand over your sexual control to your keyholder. The keyholder can be a real person with which you have a relationship with a “virtual” mistress willing to keep the keys.

The next step is body hair. As a sissy, you need to start shaving from head to toe, become feminine and sexy as a true women. See yourself as female and not only as an effeminate man. Let the transformation occur.

What about sissy clothes? Unless absolutely necessary on your daily life, forget men’s clothing. As a genuine woman, you like the soft, silky fabric against your body. Feel as a sexy girl and start acting like one. 

If you work outside of your home and are afraid of social pressure. A pair of panties,garter belt, andnylons under your work attire should always be worn.When home alone,thong panties with a matching bra along with high heels must be worn. You need to wearhigh heels constantly as you will need the practice to walk properly in them. As a new chastity maid, you will eventually become comfortable wearing heels and will never take them off.

After some sissy training ,you are beginning to look and feel like a legit sissy maid. There is one more issue… your Tiny Tim between your legs, underperforming and undersized.

Your Pickle is not there to be used, a sissy’s dick is kept under lock and key because she doesn’t qualify as a man anymore. If your master requires to be fucked, you might do so with a strap on dildo only. Your role is to serve in the most humiliating way possible.

If you don’t have a chastity device yet, it’s time to get an OXY cage. Long term denial will keep you in a constant state of arousal that will enhance your ability to perform your sissy duties in outstanding fashion.


A real sissy desires to always look as sexy and desirable as possible. Everyone have different standards of what is sexy, but a nice in shape body together with feminine clothes works for most.  So start a proper diet and healthy lifestyle to fit in those sexy panties tong and look fabulous by staying sleek and slim.

What about makeup? A well done make up job adds the finish touch on your new sissy maid personality. Ask someone to help you out, or learn yourself by watching the countless videos you might find online. Practice now and it will be done in no time shortly!

The basic makeup pouch includes foundation. Powder, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick. Add a lip liner to draw bigger feminized lips and wear fake extra long false eyelashes to make a man hard.

What about sexual intercourse?Since you embarked on a path on being a sissy girl, your sexual relationships shall be with the opposite sex, real men. No homo. You might be still heterosexual, but as a sissy you are no longer permitted to fuck girls but instead please men. 

How to do this you might ask?Start practicing youroral sex skills on a banana or a dildo. A Good blowjob always satisfies a male. Also, purchase a butt plug and keep it in your ass for extended periods of time in order to stretch yourself out. Your little asshole should be ready to intake a serious load. Learn to crave a cock and accomplish your sissy hypno training.

To recap, You must completely given up on the idea of being a real man, but more a hairless, smooth, sexy, sissy maid. You are beginning to feel the benefits of long term orgasm denial. All your extra money will now be going towards make-up, lingerie, high heels and OXY cock cages. You no longer need to be afraid to approach women.You are one now.

Resine Cage + Scrotum Sleeve

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David. Matthews
David. Matthews

September 19, 2018

I want you to train me up to become a sissy maid so can you help please I don’t know not with girls at the moment I might become a sissy mate can you help me please from David Matthews .

Davina Theriaque
Davina Theriaque

September 18, 2018

I love this article and Im on my way to being a true sissy!! Thank you so much. I so enjoy the information. It can be hard for a sissy who is not from the big city, sissy davina

Davida Lynne Pippert
Davida Lynne Pippert

September 18, 2018

Very useful

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