The Top Glans Rings That Exist Right Now. 

Dress up your penis like a true king with this crown glans ring. Your crown jewels will never look so authoritative as you place this crown on your head!

The Hexagonal Glans Ring is truly a unique piece. With a massage ball for extra stimulation this curiously shaped glans ring will offer a tight and unusual feel around the head of your penis.

Hexagonal Glans ring - Best Glans Rings by Oxy

The Chain Glans Ring will turn your shaft into a stallion with its industrial engine finish. Once you strap on this guy you'd better be ready for a long ride.

Chain Glans ring by Oxy - Best Glans Rings

A unique design for a perfect ring. The snake goes around your cock, provides pleasure of a glans ring and the aesthetic of fine jewellery.

Snake Glans ring by Oxy - Best Glans rings

Try an oxy original. This classic glans ring set is your perfect shaft accessory. With two glans rings to try both with pressure balls for extra stimulation, this glans ring set is the ideal introduction to those head hugging glans rings.

Set of Glans rings with velvet bag Oxy - Best Glans rings


Feeling adventurous? This glans ring has a cum through penis plug attached for a complete stimulatory lock down of your penis head. This glans ring is for more experienced users or those seeking a glans ring with some extra stimulation.

Double trouble Glans rings with Cum through - Best Glans rings

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