The Ultimate Guide to Male Chastity / cock cage


Also called cock cage, it is a device worn around the shaft and head of the penis - held securely in place with a testicule ring or a waist harness. Once the chastity device is locked, any form of erection become uncomfortable or impossible - preventing masturabtion & penetration.

Just slide your flaccid penis into the chastity cage that’s right for you, lock it up, hand over the key to the key holder, and you’re ready for a lifetime of torturous, denial-filled fun!


Most of the time considered as a bdsm sex toy, people using chastity devices are looking for some kind of power exchange aspect. The wearer - also called the submissive - is giving up his sexual life to the whoever is holding the key - also called the dominant. However, it can be also used to prevent addictions such as masturbation or sex, by helping the wearer to control his pulsions and desires.

Some reasons on why people decide to lock it up:


For short sex play, tease and denial aspect is popular amongst chastity belt wearers. The tension increases knowing that there is nothing you can do until the keyholder decide on when to open the cage. Every little tease becomes intense arousal. Teasing is just as important as denial. they go hand in hand.With a penis cage on, you are forced to savor the moment rather than racing to orgasm like most of us do.

Caged up, you will be happy with any sort of release / stimulation, you could get. A simple lick by your Dom is a gift you must be thankful for. Also, the release after a long term wear is gratified with a more intense orgasm. Deprived from regular masturbation, your penis will become more sensitive and his orgasms will become stronger.


An extension of the Dom to sub relationship is often represented by a physical object such as collar or a ring. A chastity cage can represent the ownership and control the dominant has over his sub. It is like putting a dog on a leash.


In BDSM lifestyle, punishments & rewards are part of a submissive training plan. Thus, bad actions are enforced with release denial, while good action can grant a quick escape out of a male chastity cage.


Sissies are crossdresser men who enjoy feminine clothings. Most of sissies have a pleasure on getting analy penetrated by real cocks or strapons, while screaming like little fem girlies. As they pretend to be women, they like to forget about their penis, while locking it up in chastity. Thus focusing on oral sex, anal penetration and forgetting this male element between their legs.

CAged & cuckold

Many cuckolds choose to be in chastity in order to live their cuckold lifestyle and improve their relationship with their partners. Reminding the chastity slave that his penis is for the Wife's pleasure, as her toy rather than as a male sexual organ, is an important element of cuckold slave training. The cuckold husband has to stop thinking of his penis as a source of pleasure for himself because when he has this idea, his attention will be focused on his penis. His only purpose of living has to be the pleasure of his Wife.It is an act of true love and service.


A male chastity device locked, will prevent erection, sexual intercourse and masturabtion, Very efficient for masturabtion addicts, It stops you from wasting your energy and libido masturbating. In a partnership, all the sexual strength and vitality should be directed at your partner. You are lowering your testosterone which should be built up for an ultimate dual pleasure.

Sexual addicts can finally lock their desires efficiently, by giving the keys to their sexual power to an person willing to carry the keys.


“My wife tells her friend that I am hung like a 7th grader.She has found a very good solution which is a nice young boyfriend, a great guy, that provides for her with what I lack. It works well and everyone is very happy, especially her which is the main thing.It took many years of encouragement to get her try it with another guy. We found a very nice man, well equipped and it went very well, better than I could have hoped for. I am happily now her cuckold husband for about 3yrs. She has had a few lovers but one that has been steady and has become a good friend. She is naturally dominating and I am submissive. We both really enjoy the lifestyle and she is very happy and much more satisfied and so am I. She found that she enjoys it much more than she ever thought she would, and I get a lot of pleasure from her key holding and control over me, tease and denial, having her lover over to our house whenever she wants.Being caged while serving and pleasuring my wife is unexpectedly more exciting and fulfilling for me than I ever expected and she is finding that my attention to her and her pleasures has been taken to a new level as well. A true win-win. The way things are going I am not sure she will ever unlock me, and at this point I am totally ok with it. :)”


There is a variety of chastity cages, different by their sizes, materials or intend use.


Plastic, Silicone or Resin based devices are great for short periods of fun but aren’t the right choice for longer-term chastity.The issue with those cages is mostly hygiene. They are in contact with your skin very closely, body excrement is not easy to clean since the devices are designed to really enclose the cock. If you are interested in longer periods of chastity, and want to save the mess of unlocking and relocking for the maintenance of hygiene, get a stainless steel chastity device. Stainless Steel chastity devices have a more open design, with easier access for cleaning. Steel cages are very comfortable once you find a good fitting, there is less chafing with base cock ring.


Please review our sizing guide to find your ultimate fit!To sum it up, your are looking for a cage which is not too tight, not too loose, taking into account three measures below:-The cock ring section. The most important as it will secure the device in place. It should fit around your scrotum and penis base, snug enough that it won’t slip off.-The Pens length. The tip of your penis should just press on the end of the cage - no pressure.-The penis diameter. It should accommodate your flaccid penis comfortably.


How much skin would you like to show and how much you would like to feel? Cages come in different shapes, such as below: 

Open-ended: The tip of the cage is either open or comes off, leaving the head exposed to stimulations. 

Caged: Great ventilation and easy to clean. Restricts most stimulation. 

Partially closed: Nearly no stimulation possible, possibility to urinate.


Some cages come with an external padlocks, easier to spot through your pants. If you are afraid of visbe signs, we recommend integrated padlocks.


Many cages on the market are made of metal alloy,which is porous and not body safe! We won’t be pointing any of our competitors, however, we would suggest you to stick to a reliable brand (such as Oxy). We use Stainless Steel 316L in all our Steel cages, which is medical grade and body safe. To test it, you can apply a magnet - If it is not magnetic, you have a good quality steel. Also, Stainless steel won’t rust - not damaging your genital parts.

CH33 -  Short - 1.77
Resine Cock Cage - 4 Colors
2-in-1 Ball Stretcher Cock Cage with Catheter BS03

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September 20, 2018

This is a nice summary article on various aspects of cock cages. Being caged helps me moderate my masturbation and obsessions with sex. My mistress does not hold the key, but just wearing a cage a few hours a day, or overnight while sleeping, reminds me that I have to wait until our next scheduled play session. I must not blow my load before a date with mistress. This would be an act of disloyalty. Wearing the cage while anticipating what she will do to me (and I to her) is the best preparation possible.

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