Best Ball Stretchers & Scrotum pendants - Oxy-shop

Here is a breakdown of the best Ball stretchers available in 2018. 

1) Ball Stretcher 7Oz / 200Gr 

Best Ball stretchers by oxy-Shop - Scrotum Pendant - Testicules stretching

Our best seller is this simple ball stretcher which you can stack up with several units on your balls. Testicles are gently pulled away from the body, which can elongate your scrotum and provide a very pleasurable feeling.  Perfect for beginners. 

2) Oval Ball Stretcher 14Oz / 400Gr

Best Oval Ball stretcher - Testicules stretching by Oxy

This original piece comes in a oval shape, which will gently pull and squeeze your Balls. Remove the metal handle on the side and slip your testicules through for a nice stretching. 

3) Ball Sleeve 17.6 Oz / 500Gr 

Best Scrotum Sleeve - Best Testicles Stretching device Oxy Shop

A real Stainless Steel masterpiece , a heavy duty ball stretcher combined with a Scrotum pendant/pouch. Possibility to attach extra weights for an ultimate stretching!

Part ball stretcher and part ball weight, this device is two scrotum toys in one! It is used to stretch and elongate the scrotum and confine your balls on an aesthetic device pleasant to watch.

4) Scrotum Pendant 17.5 Oz / 495 Gr 

Best Ball stretcher- Testicles Stretching devices by Oxy

Beautiful and unique device with is ALL IN ONE!

A ball stretcher : A ball stretcher is a male sex toy that is used to stretch and elongate the scrotum. These devices are meant to wrap around the base of the scrotum and stretch your sack

A kind of Chastity Cage for the Stretcher itself! Beautifully designed, it will caged your balls and delay ejaculation.

A CBt toy. This devious device will separate and restrain your balls while the adjustable intensity screws provide intense CBT sensation. Each of the screws is topped by a point, designed to twist deeper into your tender flesh with every turn.

5) Heavy Duty Lion Design Stretcher 1.43 Lb / 650Gr 

Best Ball Stretcher heavy duty scrotum pendant by oxy Shop

For some Classy low hanging balls! Impress your guests at this cocktail party, by wearing this unique balls jewellery. 
This is serious ball stretching, we recommend beginners to start with a lower weight.

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