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Accessories for App controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI

App-Controlled Locking Butt

Spice us the game with accessories for the "2021 App Controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI"


Show your slave to whom his ass belongs! This unique add on for the locking butt plug plug will allow you to drag them around while they whine for your attention. As the leash is made out of high-quality Calfskin leather you are guaranteed numerous hours of playtime!


The simple look of a whitetail means that it can be used to bring out the animal in your partner in a variety of ways. Turn them into a wolf, a fox, dog, or kitty. The App-Controlled Locking Butt Plug fits easily into the anus and stays firmly in place. The tail flows easily behind your partner.


Accessories for 2021 App Controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI