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Dragon Magnetic Ball stretcher - 550gr / 1.2 lb

Oxy Dragon Magnetic Ball stretcher 

For some Classy low hanging balls! Impress your guests at this cocktail party, by wearing this unique balls jewelry. 

We are all different, some of us will enjoy the weight and pull of a Ball stretcher during masturbation and some will use it in CBT action play. This Dragon Magnetic Ball stretcher is an innovative and unique new way to play!

How to measure your size:

Your chosen ball weight should be loose and comfortable enough not to restrict blood flow. On the other hand, it should also be tight enough not to allow testicles to slip through.

Put the measuring tape around the top of the testicles. It’s important that your both testicles rest comfortably under the tape.

For the most accurate measurement, it’s important to perform several measurements and to write down at least 5 results.

After you have obtained the measurements, calculate the average value: Use our calculator for this purpose.

Multiply this result by 0.74 and 0.8 to get the tightest and loosest size you can wear.

Divide each of these results with 3.14 to get the tightest and loosest inner diameter you can wear.

Order ball weights with inner diameters between these two sizes.

How to use a scrotum stretcher?

  • Pull the scrotum down away from the body through the ring-opening 
  • Make sure all skin is against the back of the ball stretcher before replacing the magnetic closure
  • When you hear the loud clink, your balls are trapped in a CBT toy 
  • Let it go and the Dragon Magnetic Ball stretcher will yank down, pulling on the scrotum for an incredible sensation

Although Dragon Magnetic Ball stretcher by Oxy are sometimes used during cock-and-ball torture scenes, many men also find the sensation of having their testicles gently pulled away from the body very pleasurable. Regularly using ball stretchers can also permanently elongate the scrotum, which is a look that some men and women find attractive

Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel; Magnetic design; Very comfortable; Keep clean for a second use

Size: Hole diameter: 1.4′′ = 36mm

Weight : 1.2 lb / 550 gr


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