HT V3 'The Nub' Micro Chastity Cage 1inch

Micro Cock Cage - HT V3 Micro Chastity Cage With 4 Cock Rings 

Material: 100% Resin

Compare to other HTV3 models from our collection, this one has been reworked to have smooth edges. No Sharpe points. 

This micro cock cage is a discreet and lightweight chastity device that assures maximum security for key holder.

The four different sized rings included allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. It includes a specially designed brass padlock – no rattling padlock - which is integrated into the design of the chastity device to be discreet and wear it with ease

The Micro cock cage matches the natural hang of your penis so there are no embarrassing lumps and bumps sticking out from your trousers which could tell your secrets to the trained eye.

The whole set contains:
1. 4 different size of rings.
2. 1 Cage
3. 1 Magic Lock with 2 keys


HTV3 Golden Boy chastity cage holy trainer HTV3 Steel chastity cage holy trainer Holy trainer limited edition cage
Size to choose from:
4 different Rings: 36mm/40mm/45mm/50mm
Chastity ring dimensions HTV3 spare ring
The NUB 
Full Length
The Nub: :  25mm + 33mm (0.98" +1.30")
Inside the Tube Length
The Nub: 25mm (0.98inch)
HTV3 Nub

Warming Tips:
Resin has the characteristics of expanding with heat and contracting with cold.
If the received item presents the following situations, such as deformation, unfitness of ring and cage,
just soak this item in the hot water for two minutes and then it will be normal,
which is the feature of the resin, not the quality issue of this item


Sitting on the train, Jared stared out the window thinking back to the previous night.  How had he let her convince him to do this? I guess I didn’t really have much of a choice he decided as he thought back to the previous night.  Mary had him tied down to the bed with his wrists and ankles each secured to its own corner of the bed frame.

They were having one last good night of kinky sex before he left for a week long business trip.  “Now, I am going to give you one last mind mind blowing orgasm tonight before you leave and then I am going to ensure that you won’t have any more until you get back home to me!”, Mary had said before climbing on top of him and fucking his brains out.  Once they were finished he had passed out asleep only to wake up the next morning with his cock locked in a tiny pink cage with Mary nowhere to be found and not answering her phone.

She had left a note on the fridge saying that she had to get to work early and hoped that I was enjoying her new “gift”.  As Jared was muling all of this over his message alert went off on his phone. “Finally, Mary is getting back to me!”, he thought. He quickly opened his phone to reveal a picture message from Mary of her posing in her favorite sexy lingerie with the message “Hope this doesn’t make anything feel to tight ;)”.  This may be one long business trip, Jared thought to himself as he felt his cock twitch in it’s tiny enclosure  

How to wear a chastity device