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What is a chastity belt? 

It’s an accessory designed to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Worn around the waist, a chastity belt usually comes with a genital shield or cage, which keeps the genitals locked or covered up. Predominantly worn by women in the past, it’s now also worn by men in the BDSM community for sexual denial and orgasm control. When a chastity belt for men is worn, the wearer won’t be able to have an erection or pleasure himself. 

Chastity belt history 

While modern myths allege that the chastity belt was worn by ladies to prove their faithfulness and as an anti-temptation device during the Crusades, there has been no evidence to prove that chastity belts existed before the 15th century.

Further research suggests that female chastity belts were worn in the 16th century and first became widely available to women in the 19th century as an anti-masturbation device as masturbation was considered harmful by Western medicine in that era. It has also been used by women to prevent sexual assault. 

Today, the tables have turned. Chastity belts are worn by both men and women in the BDSM community as part of BDSM bondage play. By putting it on, the wearer surrenders control of their sexual behaviour to their dom. Despite it being designed for women in the past, there’s actually a bigger demand for men’s chastity belts. With that in mind, we carry a diverse range of male chastity belt designs to suit every need.

How does a male chastity belt work?

A penis chastity belt is a male chastity device which often consists of a waistband made of stainless steel or plastic and a cock cage that fits around the penis to keep it covered and locked. This prevents masturbation, erection and removal of the penis cage. 

Male chastity belts can also be worn with other accessories and sex toys like anal plugs or dildos. If you want a full male chastity belt that keeps all bases covered, get ouranal plugs for chastity belts which you can stuff your ass with. We have anal plugs that are compatible with different types of male chastity belts. This will give you a full male chastity belt that puts you at the mercy of your mistress!

Our range of high quality male chastity belts includes ourSissy Chastity Beltwhich come in black, pink, and blue, as well as adjustablemetal chastity belts for the macho men who like to be dominated from time to time. For your comfort, our stainless steel chastity belts come with rolled edges, flaring and rubber lining for long term wear. You can also have a metal male chastity belt with dildo or anal plug by attaching one through an opening located at your anus. Curious about the different types of male chastity belts we offer and how they look? Check out thesemale chastity belt photos on our site!

How to put on a male chastity belt?

As all our chastity belts are custom made to order, you should measure your belt size first before making a purchase. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Measure 2 inches up from the base of your penis and mark this point on your abdomen.

  2. Next measure around your body (just above your hips) and down to this point.  This gives you the circumference of your waistband (you will find this measurement is slightly larger than your standard trouser size, for example if you wear 36″ trousers then you will likely find that you require a 38″ belt).

  3. Your Male Chastity Belt will be made to this size although it will adjust 2 inches either way.

Once you’ve got your chastity belt, you can now put it on. Simply put one leg after another through each leg opening, pull it up and towards your waist like you’re putting on a pair of underwear or pants. Tuck your penis into the male chastity cage attached and keep the penis locked up.

If you’re wearing a Sissy Chastity Belt, lock it up with the padlock and keys provided and hand it over to your mistress. For something a little more challenging and fun, wear ourCrater chastity belt for men which has a different locking mechanism. It’s locked with special screws that can only be removed with the keys provided, bringing sexual frustration to a whole new level.

Male chastity belt stories 

Our male chastity belts have been garnering great reviews from our customers. Here are spme testimonials:

“I have to say this is the most comfortable "freedom restricting" device ever worn. Highly recommend!” 

Great stuff, worth every $$. Thank you oxy”

“Great quality, I love to wear it all the time. Adjusting part is the best thing out there. Haven't seen it anywhere else”

“it fits well and is lockable I look forward to spending time in it. holds the plugs I purchased here and overall a fun time…”

Imagine: How a mistress controls her male slave in a chastity belt 

My sissy slave has been too horny lately, but I will not give him the satisfaction of release. I demand that he put on his chastity belt with a dildo and he obeys by order. He inserts the plastic dildo up his ass and tucks his cock into the cage. I lock it up and keep the keys safe with me.

Day after day, he gets increasingly frustrated. “Please mistress, let me remove it. I need to cum,” he pleads. “No, you don’t! You’re my slave and you need to be trained to control yourself,” I tell him. I dangle the keys in front of him and he looks at me with pitiful puppy eyes, not knowing when I’ll release him to freedom once again.