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What is Prince Albert Chastity ?

A man having a prince albert piercing can use a selection of cock cages specially designed for PA locking. Using the piercing eliminates the need for rings to attach the cage to the body. Perfect for people having large balls and that can’t fit a proper fit on the market. 

Prince albert is the most common genital piercing compatible with chastity cages.

What is a male Chastity piercing ? 

As the name implicitly states, it is a pierced hole around or on the genital area which is usually decorated by body jewelry. Several reasons to get pierced: Purley an aesthetic purpose or also for sexual enhancement, men piece themselves mostly at the glans head, the perineum or any other penis parts. 

A Chastity piercing will use this pierced hole for chastity purposes - prevent all kinds of masturbation, erection and sexual intercourse. Usually giving the Keyholder total control over the subject. 

For men, chastity can be enforced by closing the foreskin (also called infibulation), Using a locking mechanism by a prince albert or frenum piercing or chaining a PA piercing to a guiche piercing. Source:Wikipedia 

What are the benefits of Chastity piercing? 

Chastity piercing, in particular prince albert chastity will stop any kind sexual intercourse. This kind of lock will force the wearer to focus on their partner’s pleasure and to be subjected to the denial of sexual activity.  Source:Kinkly 

What is the most effective male chastity device? 

If you can easily get your cock of standard devices, consider a Prince Albert piercing chastity - it is the most efficient type of chastity device, inescapable. The ring through the head of the penis that locks into the device will prevent the wearer from pulling his cock out. Pa chastity is the way to go for the most secure chastity experience. 

Tips and advice with Chastity piercing 

Hygiene is very important while having this sort of piercing. Keep the area clean and dry to avoid any kind of infections. Get into a cleaning routine before even getting the piercing. 

Be sure to pierce at a highly recommended tattooer. Prince Albert piercing is a delicate process, thus need to be done only by professionals. 

Even though it might be not really painful, you should be mentally ready for the process. 

Do not wear a cock cage directly after being cock pierced. There is usually a healing period of 6 weeks. 

Should you use chastity piercing as a punishment in your BDSM relationship? 

As any BDSM practice, both parties should be consensual. A piercing is not to be taken lightly, it is  a permanent body modification which is quite an experience. It will take you 1.5months to heal, which will be uncomfortable until then. So before getting a chastity prince albert, it should be discussed with your partner on the type of piercing, the materials, etc. For those who love piercings, it can also be a reward of obedience for the sub. 

A word about prince albert chastity sold at Oxy-shop 

All our devices are certified non magnate and use stainless steel, which is body safe and non rusty. We follow strict manufacturing quality control and provide unique and assorted devices. 

Testimonials from users of prince albert lock 

“Piercing is one of two ways to ensure the penis cannot escape. The other is a full chastity belt.” Source:Sheets 

Having a PA has resulted in substantially more intense orgasms for me and it is also 100% about being "an ultra kinky badass" It makes other kinks seem quaintSource:GrannySmith 

You get pierced with 2.4mm or 3mm (approx. 10 gauge or 8 gauge). Most people say the PA generally becomes more comfortable and resilient when stretched to at least 4mm (6 gauge). Hence I wouldn't recommend using a freshly pierced PA (neither after the 6 weeks healing time) with a chastity cage, but rather stretch it to at least 4mm (6 gauge) and let this stabilize for some more weeks. Source:Capreolis