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Bit Gag - Pony Play

BDSM Bit Gag - Pony Play

Whether you’re after a bit of pony play or you just prefer a certain style of bondage gag, this BDSM Gag Bit - Pony Play will surely deliver.

It’s comfortable to wear and the silicone bit gag gives subs something soft to bite down on as they’re tortured or teased. Enjoy those muffled sounds of gratification and grief as they squirm and eventually accept their fate. At the sides you’ll find two large rings for attaching additional leads or reins.

A real treat for your pony, this bit gag is made from fine quality materials, including silicone, split leather and metal. It is exceptionally durable and boasts both beauty and brawn. Free from odour, taste and phthalates, it really is the perfect choice for pony play enthusiasts.

Saddle up; you’re in for a wild ride!