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Deluxe Free Standing St Andrews Cross

Our Portable St. Andrew's Cross is a perfect combination of portability, stability, looks and discretion. This cross is designed to be taken out of the closet or from under the bed and then put together in about 5 minutes. It can then be taken apart and stored when not in use or when the in-laws come to visit. 

It is completely free standing and self supported so there is no need to attach it to a wall or floor.

This cross has a solid base with a footboard so it will not scoot across the floor, or collapse while in use. It can be inclined ot declined. 

The D rings allow you to attach your own cuffs or shackles to the board and restrain your play thing. 

The assembly process is very easy and takes a minimum of time, If you have any questions about how to assemble, please reach out to us. 

Material: Iron

Dimensions: 6.72*3.28*3.44 feet / 205*100*105 cm

We custom-make each order by hand for you as it comes in. Please allow us 2-5 weeks for us to get your new goodies built, powder coated, and shipped.

Special note: You will receive the available color of the cuffs. (Red or Blue)