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What is sex addiction?

Although sex is considered a natural part of life, as is the case with anything else, when it’s taken to an extreme, it can produce negative consequences. Negative consequences for your mental health and for your social surrounding.

You qualify as a sex addict by your inability to control or manage your sexual behavior, including sex addiction, porn addiction and masturbation addiction.This behavior can interfere with work, recreational and social activities. In some instances, you might experience sexual rage disorder and become anxious, distressed or violent if you aren’t able to engage in sexual activity or just watching porn. 

If compulsive sexual behavior isn’t treated, you might experience intense guilt and eventually develop low self-esteem. This can ultimately lead todepression. If you suffer from sexual addiction, you can also develop relationship and family problems.

What IS the solution for a sex addict?

No real “cure” exists, but the addiction can be effectively treated and managed for life. Apart from sex addicts anonymous or residential sexual addiction treatment, the use of a chastity device is another solution. It might not be a permanent fix, but will help you challenge yourself to change your addictions and bring peace of mind for your partner. 

Struggling with porn and masturbation? Sex addiction which impact your normal life? Stop fapping now and get locked up for good to limit your sexual urges and appetite!

What IS a male chastity device?

The word chastity is derived from the Latin word “castus” meaning “morally pure”. We use it to describe the act of abstaining from having sex of any kind.A male chastity device is worn around the shaft and head of the penis - held securely in place with a cock ring. Once the chastity device is locked, any form of erection become uncomfortable or impossible - preventing masturabtion & penetration.

For longer periods of chastity,and want to save the mess of unlocking and relocking for the maintenance of hygiene, a stainless steel chastitydevice is recommended. Steel chastity devices have a more open design, with easier access for cleaning. Steel cages are very comfortable once you find a good fitting, there is less chafing with base ring.

Alternatively, if you prefer something lightweightand which pass security controls, go ahead for a plastic or resin cock cage. Plastic, Silicone or Resin based devices are great for short periods of wear but aren’t the right choice for longer-term chastity.The issue with those cages is mostly hygiene. They are in contact with your skin very closely, body excrement is not easy to clean since the devices are designed to really enclose the cock.

Chastity cages come in many shapes and sizes, we got you cover on which to choose on the links enclose:

How does it work and what are the effects on my sex life?

A male chastity device locked, will prevent erection, sexual intercourse and masturabtion, Very efficient for masturabtion addicts, It stops you from wasting your energy and libido masturbating. In a partnership, all the sexual strength and vitality should be directed at your partner. You are lowering your testosterone which should be built up for an ultimate dual pleasure.

Just slide your flaccid penis into the chastity cage that’s right for you, lock it up, hand over the key to the key holder, and you will be able to control your addiction. Time to stop watching porn daily and feeling guilt and shame for your continuous fapping. 

In the absence of sexual stimulation of any kind the urge will eventually go away - the body determines that you're not using your libido, so it stops wasting calories maintaining it. That's basically what happens to lock and forget situations where you self locks and then just go on with your life, or is locked by a keyholder who never teases him or interacts with him sexually.

Your sexual relationship in your partnership will improve on the long term. Indeed, men will do anything to get out of chastity - to go back to their porn habits or sexual relationships.A Cock cage will transfer the powerof the usual sexual release providers to your partner. The keyholder power is stronger than other vices power. Like a dog will love whoever feeds it, a man will obsess over whoever controls and supplies the orgasm. 

Because you have to go through your partner to see porn, remove the chastity belt, and orgasm, your focus will be on her. Your thinking will change. Nevertheless, you can still fuck with your sexual partner, by attaching a strap on dildo and please your partner with it. This fake penis is always erected and never gets tired, which is quite an ideal companion. Your partner might set up some release dates so you can have “real sex” and your genitals can be washed and inspected. Mark an X every days until your release. 

Who is the chastity keyholder?

  • Your Partner

  • Online Keyholder Service

  • Therapist or Urologist

  • Church or Mosque

  • Timer Controlled Safe

If you have a partner, this person comes at the ideal keyholder. He/she will hold the key for a certain amount of time in order to manage your treatment program efficiently. Also, giving the ownership over this area of anatomy is an ultimate sign of love and devotion

If you do not have a partner, other ways are possible to find a chastity keyholder

Online keyholding services exists, when a person holds the chastity keyswithout necessarily having any other sort of relationship with you. 

You might as well give the keys to your therapist or urologistafter you have discussed this solution to your problem beforehands. It is common nowadays, do not feel guilt or shame, you are finding a cure to stop porn, stop masturbating daily and calm your sexual appetite overall. 

Some people prefer to seek assistance at their church or mosque, which is totally fine to do. There is nothing about chastity device in the bible, it is ok to go ahead this way following the good faith. You could just write a letter and drop the key at your local church or mosque. 

Anotheropportunity is to put the key in a Time Controlled Key Safe, which is a good option for single-belters who can’t find key-holders, or can’t be bothered finding one.

Is it visible if i wear a chastity cage?

Some cages come with an external padlocks, easier to spot through your pants. If you are afraid of visible signs, we recommend integrated locks. Wear tighter underwear like trunks, they will direct your cage down a leg and are tighter generally than boxer briefs.Also, you can’t wear tight pants, they need to be loose to prevent awkward situations by a visible bulge poping out.

Integrated Lock


External Padlock

Is it Safe to wear?

Many cages on the market (Amazon, Wish and so on) are made of metal alloy,which is porous and not body safe! We would suggest you to stick to a reliable brand (such as Oxy). We use Stainless Steel 316L in all our Steel cages, which is medical grade and body safe. You can easily clean your chastity cage with soap while you are taking a shower and wearing the cage. 

 As for long term wear risks, there is nothing scientifically proven as it might be dangerous to wear. One of the risk is wearing the cage itself can become an habit. At worse, it creates a certain moderate anxiety for the first few days of absence until you gets used to it, but at least it neither harms you nor put your health in danger.

Do i need to remove the male chastity cage  for cleaning?

You do not need to remove it with an open design cage. Stainless Steel chastity cages are non porous and are body safe to wear on a long term.

Can i pass airport security with a cock cage on?

In fact, frequent-flying belters inspired revolutionary design changes after suffering the embarrassment of setting off airport security metal detectors. So we will recommend going ahead with a plastic or silicone cage, which won’t be detected by any security controls. 

 “Kiss him goodbye at the airport knowing that he is locked up safe and secure and wish him a fun, successful trip.”

Can i pEE while wearing a chastity device?

Sure, many cages allow urination by the pee holes designed. 

We recommend to choose a cage which is open or semi open by the design and shape. Also, the length is important, we recommend to choose a cage just long enough to allow the tip of your penis to come to rest at the end of the cage. A cage that is too long will not cause any major issues, but it could cause urine to get splashed inside the device, which builds up moisture and odour.

Is a Chastity device a solution for sex addiction? 

Yes, yet, you still need to work mentally on stopping the addiction. By wearing a cock cage, you remove a distraction - The act on doing it - allowing you to shift your focus on dealing with the motivation for the behaviour - the real problem.

CH09 -  1.77''/45mm to 2.95''/75mm -/ 3 Sizes

1.77" - 45mm | Small Cage


CH09 -  1.77''/45mm to 2.95''/75mm -/ 3 Sizes

2.36" - 60mm |Medium Cage


CH09 -  1.77''/45mm to 2.95''/75mm -/ 3 Sizes

2.95" - 75mm | Big Cage