How to use Roster's OXY affiliate program

Become an Oxy Shop Ambassador. 

Get access to personal coupons and customisable coupons for your community, Get exclusive access to giveaways, Get access to unreleased BDSM gears before everyone else

Not part of the program yet? Time to apply - no commitment, no obligations. 


Enter the influencer's dashboard

 After registering on the Affiliate program link send by one of our Oxy's team members, you will receive an email for dashboard access. 

>>>> Please Check your spam folder. 

>>>How to Set a Password and Login via 

1) After clicking the link received by email, you will get to your affiliate dashboard. Create a password to always have access on 

Click on the top right corner, on the 3 horizontal lines. 

Click on "Personal Information". 

Click on "Reset Password". You will receive an email from which you can create your password. 

You will then be able to login to with this password. 


Complete your profile

 Welcome to your Influencer's Dashboard! 

To begin with, we recommend completing your profile so we have all on file and ready to collaborate together. 



You can simply copy the referral link and promote the all store. If you want to promote specific pages, collections, or products > Click "See All"


Customize referral link

After you have clicked on "See All", you should see below information. 

You can customise your affiliate link by adding your name or nickname. 


promote specific Oxy-shop links or products

Copy paste your affiliate tracking and add it at the end of any urls. This will track the sales and account commissions for you. 



Your audience gets a 10% off without purchase limit to use at 

You can either use the code which comes by default "OXYVIPS" or create your own personal code. 


Spread the word! 

Share your tracking link and get commissions

While sharing an affiliate link, it has to be natural - asking for advices, giving recommendations, combining to a Wishlist for yourself. 

We recommend promoting specific products rather than the all store, the conversions are higher.

>>The best is to share pictures with our products in display or in use.

Non limited examples for content sharing on various platforms:

"Can't think of a better way to treat your Mistress than @BdsmOxy Humiliation set "

"Have you seen this pussy chastity cage? All subs deserves one 😇"

"My private coupon with OxyShop . "OXYVIPS" - Thank me later"

"So excited to receive my new set of gears from @BdsmOxy! I went for this pink shiny cage, good choice?

"Say hello to my new set of humiliation! Planning to create a full home of furniture slaves.>

"Here is my Wishlist from OxyShop, who wants to spoil me?" 


what are campaigns? 

When you first register, you get a default campaign in the dashboard. 

Down the line, you will receive monthly or bi-monthly campaigns which give you specific tasks and perks to claim. 

For example, it could be a campaign about a specific product we just released with guidelines on how to promote. 

If you accept to join the campaign, click "JOIN NOW" 


what are actions? 

Actions are mostly to give you ideas on how to promote 

However, each actions has points attributed. You can complete each action and gather points to claim rewards once you reach a milestone. 

If you get 200 points, 100 USD will be credited to your account. 


what are rewards?

The rewards section gives you details on milestones to achieve and how to claim. 

It is fetched from campaigns send.