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Anal Spreader / Sim Rectal Speculum

Anal Spreader Sim Rectal Speculum

This speculum opens by squeezing the handles together, then allows you to lock it in place with the thumbscrew. When you want to ensure easy exit or entry use the Anal Spreader - Rectal Speculum to anal gape your lover and do a bit of medical sex play.

Material: Stainless Steel 

What does Speculum Play mean?

Speculum play is any sexual interactions involving the use of the medical devices called speculums. During speculum play, a dominant partner typically takes on the role of a doctor while a submissive person plays the patient.

Speculum play can involve internal examinations of the vagina or anus. Speculum play may be used to add variety to the sex life, especially among BDSM couples. It may be a component of a medical-themed BDSM scene or a key part of the way someone with a medical fetish enjoys sex.