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Curved Silicone Ball Stretcher

These new Ball Stretcher Sleeve from Oxy is a tie piece of art. It is super soft - stretchy - fleshy silicone -with a curve. 

With a Ball Stretcher Sleeve, there is enough stretch to keep your balls down below the stretcher but won't allow your balls to creep upwards. The Ball Stretcher Sleeve will retain its shape and won’t become slack over time making it a lifetime investment.

The Ball Stretcher Sleeve is safe to use with all lubricants. Designed so it does not pinch or cause any uncomfortable burning sensation as some might feel with other ball sleeves. Lube it up and push your ball-sack into the stretched tube:it moulds on your sack. 

The ball can be worn for long periods as stretching your sack takes time. wrapping your balls in pure silicone feels better than any neoprene or TPR or latex stretcher, and it feels better longer.

Coolest thing about this one is the curve. wear it so it tilts your sack down and forward, grease up your meat and whack-off...feel your balls slap against your hand with every pump. 

Colors: Green, Black, and Orange


Diameter of bigger opening:1.97 inches/5 cm

Diameter of smaller opening: 1.18 inches/3 cm

Length of shorter side: 1.57 inches/4 cm

Length of longer side: 2.16 inches/5.5 cm