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Resine Cage + Scrotum Sleeve

  • Scrotum Sleeve & Chastity Cage 

    This cage comes all in one ! A scrotum sleeve together with a bioresine cage. For an ultimate restraint of your genitals.

    Cock cage: discreet and lightweight chastity device that assures maximum security for key holder.

    The four different sized rings included allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. It includes a specially designed brass padlock – no rattling padlock - which is integrated into the design of the chastity device to be discreet and wear it with ease!

    Scrotum Sleeve: Give his balls a gentle clutch with this erection enhancer and scrotum pouch.

    Chastity Cage & Scrotum Sleeve is combination you want!

    When you slide his cock through the top ring, it acts as a cock ring. This allows him to enjoy an erection that is harder and lasts for a longer period of time. The second part of this item brings his balls into play. The chamber fits over the scrotum sack and offers a gentle squeeze sensation that he'll enjoy during sex. You can still enjoy giving him a good squeeze, but the chamber will do some of that for you if you decide to use your hands for other purposes.