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CB6000 Design Pink Chastity + Chastity Container

Set includes:


Light weight and discreet, this device is convenient for shorter D/s games and for long-term wear. Movement is not an issue and you can bath without removing the cage. 
  • Instructions how to put it on:

    1) Put the ring from downside around testicles and penis

    2) Put the cage onto the penis (you can use water-based lubricant)

    3) Connect the ring with the cage with connection parts 

  • 4) Attach the provided padlock. 

Material: Plastic
Color: Pink
5 Ring size approx: 3.5cm, 3.8cm, 4.3cm, 4.6cm, 4.9cm
Inner Diameter of Cage approx. : 34mm
Inner Length of Cage approx. : 70mm

Chastity key Container

This is a secure safe to store an emergency key to Your Chastity Cage. Also ideal for self chastity play or remote key holding services. Be safe and always keep a key with you if you need to unlock your device.

To access the key the wearer needs to break the numbered security tag to open the box.


For all Chastity or CBT devices having and padlock. 
Comes with a lock and a set of keys.


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