Chastity Ring bracelet - Sharp - 4 Rows - Integrated Lock

Teeth Color
  • NEW Model with integrated Lock. Unique Design. 

    This toothed cock ring is a steel shackle with spikes pointed inward for erotic sexual denial! 4 rows of pleasure teeth.

    The sensation created is breathtaking, and teaches him to control his arousal. It's therefore both an anti-erection device and an anti-masturbation device. Small and lightweight, the Kali’s Teeth is highly discreet and unnoticeable beneath pants.


    Kali’s Teeth device can serve a couple of purposes depending upon how much discipline you want to inflict:

    ★Effective chastity device. Place it around the shaft of his penis, then when he gets an erection the points will dig into his most sensitive flesh.

    ★Spiked cock ring. To do so place it at the base of the cock and balls and lock it on with a padlock.

    ★Ball stretcher device by wrapping it around the scrotum of the testicles.