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Option 1: Realistic Silicone Feet | Size EU 39 / US 9



Feet are moulded in TPE silicone based on real people with whom we collaborate to produce the most human like feet models. The offer comes in a pair. Ideal for display, foot job or foot worship. At a real bargain here. 

View more infos here. 


1x Patricia's Feet | Size EU 39 / US 9 - value of $170

Option 2: Prince Albert Chastity - 2.05 INCH/52 MM ring

At first, you might think it is a normal half-open, dome device but this normal looking Chastity cage is hiding one surprise element. It is Hidden Prince Albert Lock Chastity.


1x CH39 - Dome PA Chastity - $70.00

Option 3: Sensations Bundle 


A little bit of everything ;) 

1x Finger Roller Wheel

1x Stretchable Silicone Penis rings

1x AskMen Starter Penis Plug with Safe Bend

1x Ball stretcher beginner set