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Electric Chastity Cage CB6000

CB6000 - Electric Chastity Cage

Yes, you see it good. Electric Chastity Cage which will shake you up for real. Use this device if you want to spice up Chastity game.

Imagine... you have the controller in you hand and your sub/partner is just waiting in misery when is the next time when you Electrify him. Have all the power and fun in your hands. Fun is just about to begin.

Electric Chastity device CB6000 for all the bad sissies out there who need to learn their lesson hard way.

You get: 

1 x Chastity Cage
1 x Ring
1 x Lock
3 x Conductive Part 
1 x Power Controller
Material: Resin/ Plastic
Length 3.15'' / 80 mm
Diameter 1.3'' / 33 mm.
Ring sizes:
1.57 inch/40 mm
1.77 inch/45 mm
1.97 inch/50 mm