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Electro Butt plug - E-stim anal plug

Electro Butt plug - E-stim anal plug 

Introduce a shocking delight to you or your partner's anal hole! Easy electro stimulation with this slim & easy to insert butt plug - simply stuff it in and turn on the tingling shocking function at varying intensities alongside intense vibrations if your colon demands extra stimulation.

Insert it in your sub and see him squirt of pleasure or beg for mercy. Shocking sensations that range from a gentle tickle to a full-on spasm inducing wave! Let the E-stim wrap your body with new feelings, electrogasmic. Experiment alone or with your partner to find which combination of shocking and vibration suits your personal tastes.

The plug has an insertable length of 68mm/2.7 inches and a wide of 22mm/0.86 inches.