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Extreme Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader

BDSM Anus & Vaginal speculum - for a wide anal spread 

Tease your Sub while turning the bolt and train them to become your BDSM toy. Start of slowly and work your way to the maximum width. You will get a deep look inside your partner anal cavity with this industrial looking device. It is made of stainless steel and will feel comfortable for the receiver. You'll get hot watching your partner's anal cavity spread far and wide, giving you a nice deep look inside. 

This is an extreme sex toy for serious players looking to expand their vagina or anal cavities. Also called butt spreader or vagina opener ;) 


Use it for asspection or medical play. This Inspection device will ensure you have a perfect view to gaping hole. 

Train your sub or spread to its maximum. Made out of high quality, this stainless steel instrument is perfect for extreme ass play and humiliation.


Material:Stainless Steel


Length: 3.74 inch/95 mm

Width: 2.16 inch/55 mm

Gap width: 0.78 inch/20 mm