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Sissy Rules - Framed

Sissy rules reminders for anyone into the lifestyle. This framed high quality print will fit nicely at your office desk hehe.
A gift for a sissy slave or to her dom.
List of 10 rules to always obey.

1) I Will Address My Dominant Correctly, using their chosen title at all times.
2) I will Always Thank my Dominant for any Task, Punishment, Humiliation and
Attention I may receive.
3) I will ALWAYS wear Feminine underwear under my day to day clothes. This will
remind me that I am NOT A MAN but a SISSY GIRL.
4) I will start EVERYDAY by dropping to my knees, Bowing and worshipping my
5) I will complete ALL tasks given in a timely, effective and Enthusiastic Manner.
6) I understand that as a SISSY, I do NOT have WANTS or NEEDS of my own. I am
Here for my Dominants Pleasure Only.
7) When I Am NOT locked in CHASTITY I will ALWAYS ask my Dominants Permission
Become Erect, Ejaculate, Masturbate, Have Sexual Intercourse or view Pornographic
8) If I am fortunate enough to have permission to view pornography, what I view will
be chosen by my Dominant.
9) In any situation where females are present, their authority overrides mine. As a
Sissy Slave I understand that all females are far superior to me. The female has final
say and what she says goes.
10) As a Sissy I am expected to undertake household chores. I will do this to a
high standard. During any down time I have I will research ways to improve my
Feminine skills

• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Black .75” thick frame
• Acrylite front protector
• Lightweight
• Hanging hardware included