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Fuck my Knee

Dildo - Fuck my Knee

Ever wondered how would it be to have a dick on your Thigh? 

When most of us think of a strap-on dildo harness, we think of the classic style which allows a woman to strap a dildo in front of her pubic region, where the penis would be on a man. But there are other options, and many people are discovering the joys of strapping one on to their thigh instead, and giving their lover a different kind of ride. 

Your imagination has come to an end! Try out Dildo to attach to Knee strap on and explore the possibilities.

Adjustable strap will fit pretty much anyone while you can change your favorite toys. Comfortable to wear, it lets you experiment with a range of positions and attachments for a sensational wild ride.

You set the pace and pleasure, while they get the show of a lifetime!


Length: 4''/10 cm 

Diameter:  1.4''/3.5 cm