Fully enclosed Chastity Cage

You've asked for it, you got it! Chastity cage - Fully enclosed

First fully enclosed chastity device, Lock your miserable tiny little cock inside where we have a special surprise for you. Inside ring which will make your experience wearing this cage unforgettable one, not only for your dick but for your balls as well.

You will become a legit Sissy as you will need to sit to piss. Perforations on the cage are made at the bottom, because you don't deserve anything better.

Material: 100% Bio-sourced Resin

3 cage opening sizes:

1.69'' / 43 mm

1.88'' / 48 mm

2.05'' / 52 mm

Inside ring diameter:

1.15'' / 29 mm

Height Width & Length:

3.78'' / 96 mm

2.75'' / 70 mm

2.45'' / 62 mm

How to put on a chastity device
Fully enclosed chastity cage