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Infinity loop - Chastity rings

Infinity loop - Rings Chastity 

Are you brave enough to get this quite extraordinary item?

Tied up and kept in check. Feel like you might get an erection? That might not be the best idea when your shaft is bent like a pretzel in the infinity loop. You might try to get hard but be assured you will pay the price! 

Rings Chastity is easy to wear, does not require a lock. Leave the penis open for any play but maybe not too much, just not to get too excited¬†ūüėČ Ring Chastity is for the bravest out there!


The inside diameter of the bigger rings: 1.49 inch / 38 mm

The inside diameter of the smaller rings: 1.00 inches /  25 mm

Weight: 60 g

Material: Surgical steel 316L