Linked Design Female Chastity belt - Jail Bird

Linked Design Female Chastity belt - Self Adjustable 

Sold without the plug. 

Linked Design Female Chastity belt - Jail Bird

Keep your sub under control with this Self Adjustable Chastity belt with link waist band. Don't allow her to touch her horny and slutty pussy when you are not there!

Show your Dominance and let her know who owns that pussy by locking her down and keeping her as a Jail Bird. 

Female Chastity belt with link waist band is self adjustable from 30cm to 125cm. 
A unique masterpiece  female chastity belt comprised of several parts, to self adjust depending of your waist dimensions. It works like a bracelet for your waist. 

How does it work? 

Feel free to request an instruction manual at [email protected]¬†
For comfort our belts have rolled edges, flaring and rubber lining for extra comfort and long term wear.
Our locking mechanism is easy to use and highly adjustable. Once locked around your waist it is secure and impossible to remove without a key.

Note on Delivery:

Since it is a custom made item, production time is 6-8 days

If you have any issues on using and setting up your belt - Please email us. We will send you instructions in Digital format.