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Long Conch - 10'' | 25.4 cm

Long Dildo

Have you been collecting Sea Shells? Use your hobby and your sexual fantasy in one toy! This long Conch Dildo will satisfy your Anal or Vaginal desires at most. Works like a screw, turn it in with the help of a partner or by yourself. 

Please note the "holes" On the dildo itself are made on purpose to re-create a a real like conch surface. If you do mind, please do not order this item. 

Brand: Faak
Colour: 3 Colors to Choose - Flesh, Pink, Black 
Material: Body Safe Solid PVC
Weight: 495Gr 
Inner: Solid 
Length: 10 inch / 25.4 cm 
Diameter at widest: 1.96 inch / 5 cm