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Lucifer's chair BDSM chair restraint - Fuck machine optional

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Important notice: The sex machine is optional. Please order accordingly 


Lucifer's chair BDSM chair restraint - Fuck machine optional

This chair has been made for easy access to your partner. Ideal for medical play, explore cavities and discipline the sub for both parties pleasure. Adjust the height of the legs rest for a customised piece of sex furniture that allows you to plunge deeper than ever before. Straps allow you to restrain them so that they're entirely at your mercy while you have your way with their vulnerable body. The buckles are easy to use and quick to release. 

Imagine a scene at the gynaecologist. The submissive being restrained and the master opening the holes wide with the extreme speculum. 

The optional fuck machine can be adjusted to different levels of penetration. The intensity can be adjusted to your liking. 

The assembly process is very easy and takes a minimum of time, If you have any questions about how to assemble, please reach out to us. 

Material: Iron

The base of chair: 1.73*3.28*2.03 feet / 53*100*62 cm

Backrest height: 2.62 feet / 80 cm

Legrest height: 1.64 feet / 50 cm

We custom-make each order by hand for you as it comes in. Please allow us 2-5 weeks for us to get your new goodies built, powder coated, and shipped.


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