Monthly Chastity keyholder service

Monthly Chastity keyholder service 

No Keyholder? No problem. 

Your Chastity life is now managed by mistress Elena. 
Feel the excitement of not knowing when you will be set free or allowed to cum. Everything is monitored with her chastity key holding system. 

It is an ongoing monitored chastity where you will be locked from 2 days to 2 weeks, with few releases at random. 

You do not want to obey or you took your chastity early? You are banned from the service for a minimum of two weeks. 

The one and only subscription based Chastity management Service.

BONUS: Surprise kinky tasks every months. 

What do I need to enroll in the chastity program? 

How does it work? 

  • You will receive a set of numbered plastic locks. Those will be used to be locked under chastity. Please email us at [email protected] once you are ready to start.¬†
  • All communication will be made strictly by email, Mistress Elena will inform you when you lock yourself / The day of release will be informed 2 days in advance.¬†
  • The numbered locks allow Mistress Elena to verify when you locked it and when you unlocked it. She will request specific¬†pictures to verify the¬†day the lock was broke.¬†
  • Reward / Punishment based program. If you do not obey, you are banned from the program for at least 2 weeks.¬†

How do i stop? 

Just stop the program anytime, on the dashboard. If you decide to stop the first month, you will be refunded minus the difference of chastity service set cost (23.90$)

Give it a try, you can stop the membership any time. Yet, you are not allowed to come back.