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Movable restraint tray - Multipurpose submissive use

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Movable restraint tray - Multipurpose submissive use

Objectification fetish? Make your sub still while moving him around the house, or passing it over at a party. After quick and easy installation, place your sub into the metallic structure. Once they are bound using the wrist and ankle restraints, you can have your way with them with any impact toys in your arsenal.

Flog, tease, or gag them to your heart's content while the slave is attached to the cross. Clamp their nipples, plug their holes, and use their body for your own pleasure.

The sub can be put in two main positions: Restrained on stomach legs up or  Squating down arms back. In both ways, the mouth remains available to accommodate a cock or two. 

Lock down your lover in a piece of bondage furniture that allows you to explore new depths of depravity!

The metal plate can accommodate any suction dildos and be put in any positions. 

A portable equipment very easy to install and dismount, provided with a carry bag.

Material: Iron

Dimensions: 2.46*1.64*0.50 feet / 75*50*16 cm

Included: Restraint tray, 4 wheels, 6 cuffs + collar, 6 D ring screws, the metal plate to host suction toys.

We custom-make each order by hand for you as it comes in. Please allow us 2-5 weeks for us to get your new goodies built, powder-coated, and shipped.

Special note: You will receive the available color of the cuffs. (Red or Blue)

Choose a suction cup dildo to add more "filling" to the device: 


Pulp Suction Dildo - 3 Sizes


From USD 25.00

The Intruder - Premium Dildo


From USD 30.00

Huge Ball - Realistic Dildo


USD 55.00



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