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★Spare part - Spare Cage Tube for "Prismatic"

Holy Trainer Chastity - Spare Cage Tube 

This spare part fits cage model Prismatic.

There is a cage tube for everyone. If you feel like your little friend is getting smaller and smaller, don't hesitate and get a size smaller. Your Mistress will appreciate your smart thinking, maybe she lets you out of HTV3 for a bit more than usual.

This item is Rainbow Gold Plated by Vacuum metallizing. Vacuum metallizing involves heating the coating metal to its boiling point in a vacuum chamber, then letting condensation deposit the metal on the substrate's surface.It is a non pollution and Body Safe technique for Steel coating. Made out of Stainless Steel 316 Body Safe & Medical grade.

Prismatic chastity cage holy trainer with all sizes to choose from.

The material does not cause any allergies.
Between 34mm (1.3") and 35mm (1.4")

Full Length
The Nub: :  25mm + 33mm (0.98" +1.30")
Nano: 82mm (3.22inch)
Small: 97mm (3.80inch)
Standard: 102mm (4.0inch)
Maxi: 110mm (4.33inch)
Inside the Tube Length
The Nub: 25mm (0.98inch)
Nano: 20mm (0.78inch)
Small: 45mm (1.77inch)
Standard: 52mm (2.0inch)
Maxi: 61mm (2.40inch)
HTV3 Chastity tube
The NUB 
Full Length
The Nub: :  25mm + 33mm (0.98" +1.30")
Inside the Tube Length
The Nub: 25mm (0.98inch)
HTV3 Nub