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Sexual interest in feet? Devoted foot fetish? Those feet are made for you.
Those beautiful super realistic feet will fulfill anyones fantasy of this common foot fetish. Possibility to choose the foot with a vagina just for the feeling of fucking that feet while sucking the toes of the other. Contrary to the vajankle, our male masturbator feet has the vagina under the sole, from time to time, stick your dick in it.

Seriously, the best foot fetish toy on the market.

The diameter of the insole vagina is expandable and adapts to any penis size. The texture feel like real human skin, so go on and practice your foot massage skills on it. Odourless, made of soft and healthy TPE material, it is easy to wash under soapy water - Just take it with you during a hot shower to give this special footjob on any body part of yours.

Combine it with high heels and get ready for the ultimate foot worship.


With Vagina: 23*17*8 cm or Size 37 | 9*6.7*3.14 inch or Size 6.5
Weight: 850 Gr or 1.9 pound

Without Vagina: 20*15*5 cm or Size 33 | 7.9*5.9*1.96 inch or Size 2
Weight: 700 Gr or 1.5 pound

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