Steel "Lock it up !" Cage by OXY

Main Ring
  • Oxy Stainless Steel Cock cage is a discreet and heavy duty chastity device that assures maximum security for key holder.

    It includes a specially designed brass padlock – no rattling padlock - which is integrated into the design of the chastity device to be discreet and wear it with ease!

    The stainless steel is safe to use and won’t irritate your soft skin.

    When worn Oxy cock cage matches the natural hang of your penis so there are no embarrassing lumps and bumps sticking out from your trousers which could tell your secrets to the trained eye.

    Safe to use for long term chastity wearers, Oxy cock cage comes with holes which allow the skin to breathe and make hygiene an easy task. The hole at the tip is large enough to allow urine to flow freely but simply not large enough for any forbidden stimulation.

    A velvet bag is included, for an easy storage or carry bag for your own convenience!