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Steel 'Lock it up !' Cage by OXY

Cock cage by OXY - Steel Chastity Cage 

Oxy Stainless Steel Cock cage is a discreet and heavy-duty chastity device that assures maximum security for the key holder.


When worn Steel Chastity Cage "Lock it up !" Cock cage by OXY matches the natural hang of your penis. It is safe to use for long term wear. Holes on the device allow your little friend to breathe and do all other necessary functions, apart from getting hard.

A velvet bag is included, for easy storage or carry bag for your own convenience!


Steve walked into the house from a long day at work to find his wife waiting for him dressed in a black corset with a matching garter belt and fishnet stockings, along with 6-inch high heeled “hooker boots”.  Before he could say a word, she sauntered over to him and started to make out with him, rubbing his quick hardening cock through his pants.

Once she had him nice and worked up she broke the kiss and asked, “How would you like to come home to me dressed up like this every night?”  “Mmmm, that would be nice,” Steve replied while trying to kiss her again. She pushed him away and said, “Remember how we were talking about spicing up our sex life?” Steve nodded in response. “Well, I have decided that I am going to take control of your orgasms from now on. I found your obsession with chastity cages and tease and denial play quite by accident when you lent me your phone the other day. 

After some research on the subject, I have decided that that is exactly what you need!” At that, she pulled a steel chastity cage out from under the counter. “Now pull your pants down so I lock this on your cock!” she commanded. Steve quickly complied and after some fiddling, they soon had his cock tightly caged. “Mmmm, your cock looks so sexy in its shiny metal cage. I hope you enjoy it because it’s not getting off any time soon, unlike me,” she said with a wink.  “Speaking of which, why don’t you get over here and start licking my pussy,” she said as she hopped up on the edge of the counter and spread her legs.      

SHORT: 1.88 inches/48 mm in length,1.33 inch/ 34 mm in diameter
1 Ring: 1.77 inch/ 45 mm