If you are reading this, there is a sissy in you eager to be awakened. The Sissy essentials bundle will put you in the role you were dreaming of: On the road to feminization training.
Review our Sissy training guide here. 

The bundle includes: 

1 x Open it mouth gag.

Keep your mouth wide open and ready for violation when you strap the open mouth gag! Perfect for sissies and bimbos, this open-mouth gag is shaped like a pair of inflated dick-sucking lips so that you know what their purpose is! 

1 xPink Chastity cage with all sizes.

Becoming a chastity sissy to be satisfied of will require you to forget any ‘macho-man’ desires still left inside of you. From man to boy, boy to feminized male, the steps on becoming a true sissy are not that hard.A true sissy is no longer a real man, but a chastised sissy maid. 

1 xFake Pussy - Brief insert pad

The main idea is to cover the cock cage and have a cameltoe bulge poping out your sissy panties. Special close-fitting designs make it look like female genitals. Forget your manhood and embrace the feminization within you - sissy. 

1 x Set of Anal training plugs

This anal training kit is perfect for the nervous novice when it comes to back door action. comes with four butt plugs in different sizes. Start off small to get the feel of what a butt plug has to offer. You’ll soon find your way to unfettered anal pleasure.