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Twizzler Penis Plug - 6.1'' / 155mm

This Twizzler Penis Plug has the same look and feel of the real Twizzler candy. But this one is not designed for licking or sucking, and it does't taste of licorice either. Instead, this penis plug is designed for some urethral play. 

If you like to dilate your urethra a bit, then this plug is for you. Putting this baby in may end up being a bit of an effort but don't they say all great things take time?

Penis Plug Specifications

★ Thinnest to thickness point: 0.24"/0.37" - /6mm/9.5mm

★ Weight: 0.88oz/1.94oz - 25g/55g

★ Length: 6.1" - 155mm

★ Material: