TWO Electronic Timer locks

  • Electronic chastity timer Lock 

    This is a promotion product, 2 timer locks at discounted price. 

    Ideal for BDSM play and Chastity cages! Set the time to lock a cage on your slave or yourself, and tease him for the time chosen.

    Imagine locking up handcuff for half an hour, leaving the sub fully at your mercy for the time being. Half an hour of pleasure or use.

    -Multifunctional SM Sex Bondage Time Lock/ Timer lock for chastity cages or Kali's Teeth

    -Can be used lock on handcuffs/mouth gag/ bondage full body Belt/any restraint device/ Chastity cages / Kali's Teeth or just a box.

    -Time setting optional

    -English manual

    -USB plug Rechargeable

    -Safe using,easy operate

    -Can be used at home/hotel/office/outside.


    1. USB lithium-ion battery charging
    2. With mini viewing screen and press button
    3. Can set the hours, minutes,the max to 99 hours 59 minutes
    4. Tensile ability:130KG, Level Ⅲ drop.
    5. Rain-proof(Moderate rain outside & Splashing Water )
    6. Use 4 hours a day,charge one time can be used for 30 days
    7. Battery 1200 times charge and discharge, the battery capacity decreased by 15%; 3000 times, each charge can only last three and a half hours.
    8. The device is 29 gr


    The timer lock is unfortunately not compatible with all cages.
    However, if the chastity device is purchased from the website, please contact us for the reference you want to fit with, We can custom made with no extra fees.

    Compatible with:
    All Kali's Teeth models
    All 2-in-1 Ball stretchers; Cock Cages
    Cock Cages: CH23F, CH22F, CH26F