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UP19 - Penis Plug Big Fucker

Penis plug with Glans Ring 

"Big Fucker DeLuxe" is a penis plug with a permanently attached glans ring, representing the magnificent next development in our line of glans rings, prince's wands, and sperm brakes.

The glans ring on this ingenious device has been designed as a triple spiral (helical) ring, which leads uninterrupted into the penis plug.

The ring (30 mm = 1.20" diameter) is placed directly below the glans, and the end piece, and the penis plug inserted along with the rod (approx. 85 mm = 3.40" in length). The Penis plug and Glans Ring "Big Fucker" does its best work during sex, guaranteeing a sensational experience for both the active and the passive partner. The feel of additional penetration with every in-and-out is indescribably amazing!


  • Medical grade Stainless Steel 316L
  • Body-safe; Keep clean after use


  • Width: 8 mm / 0.3"
  • Length: 25 mm / 1"
Penis plug with Glans Ring