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Upgraded Stockade with sex machine & leather cuffs

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A stockade with leather cuffs and fucking machin? Yes sir! 

This stockade restrains the user in a fixed position allowing for optimal rear fucking. The unit controller allows for the user or their master to adjust the speed of the penetration.

​​This restrictive device locks the slave's hands, ankles and neck in steel completely immobilising them. The rod screws into the steel stockade and is adaptable to various sizes and positions. It can be adjusted from 65 to 130 cm on the length - 25.5  inches to 51 inches. The fucking rod can be adjusted on a 45cm pole - 17.7 inches.
Great for bondage, humiliation or just a good fuck. Stockade can be used with or without the Fucking machin, just unscrew it from the base and put away for storage.

The assembly process is very easy and takes a minimum of time, If you have any questions about how to assemble, please reach out to us. 

5kg with fucking machine / 3.5 kg without. 


Adjustable length from hands to feet 25.5-51.2 inches/65-130 cm

Length of feet part: 17.5 inches/45 cm

Length of wrist part: 13.8 inches/35 cm 

Height of Neck restraint: 3.15-5.9 inches/8-15 cm

Length of dildo: 6.8 inches/17.5 cm 

We custom-make each order by hand for you as it comes in. Please allow us 2-5 weeks for us to get your new goodies built, powder coated, and shipped.

Special note: You will receive the available color of the cuffs. (Red or Blue)


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